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Preparation is the Key to successful Tax Filing

From the desk of Thomas J. (TJ) Harrington (Akron, Ohio)

Tax Review and other items which may impact your coming tax returns that you may want to consider now, rather than later.

Below is a statement that I need for you to keep foremost in your thoughts as you explore these up-to-date tax changes that may impact your filings. 

Just because you had expenses that may qualify as a deduction, it doesn't mean the government allows it. The rules are specific, and by answering the questions, you'll find out which deductions you may qualify to receive .

Here is one of many sites that offer federal tax return resources of approved method for explaining deductions available for you. By selecting this link MSN Money website (where well known business will offer there promotions, just enter your information beneath The Personal Information section and as your information is completed by the DONE button, the results are computed and displayed on the right side).

You will be able to select your expected income and deductions. All must be documented in your records. Please read and understand each area as it applies to your expected tax situation. 

Here is a volume of information and tax situation for you to consider. Start now, and when the time arrives, you will be better prepared.

When you are ready to file your returns, use this helpful filing link:

You may at anytime go to website to consult with IRS Publications in the Tax Center (on the horizontal tab), which may take you to IRS website (by selecting any publication shown) should you not find the subject for which you are seeking. This is an opportunity for you to become pro-active in an area that impacts us all.

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