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What does this Group do?

The Harrington Group was especially formed to help guide people through difficult choices; when all they may see are barriers for making the best choice available.  A moment of your time -- is all that we ask for determining whether you want to continue discussing your options for the future.

We want you to consider The Harrington Group a Center of Resources, now and for the future. We must not forget about decision today.  For your choices will determine the success of, the length of, and the consequences of our tomorrow. 

Will the Funds be there to meet your future needs?

You can help provide a better future by answering some tough questions now.  You will do this by giving yourself the chance to choose plans that best meet needs, now.  By working with professionals that provides leadership in the financial product fields.  From Financial Groups that have Risk Management experience, and financially sound companies, in their industry.  With the experience and companies you want behind your future.

How are companies rated?

All four of the major rating companies consistently rate these companies.  These companies earn their highest rating possible.  For rating a company financial strength and stability, companies are rated by Moody and A.M. Best.  For rating company's Claims-paying ability, companies are rated by Standard & Poor and Duff & Phelps.

Safety, Security, Integrity ...

Financial strength, integrity and safety are hallmarks for a solid future, which is what you want and expect.  Benefits are available through Financial Groups that are Industry leaders -- Financial Institutions that offer you sound performance, with flexible funding choices, and other features that are beneficial for your planning needs.

Whom do we help?

We work with business-people to help manage risk--and represent to the marketplace firms that are Number One in Payroll Marketing.  With other financially based products to help meet, and in some cases exceed, their expectations.

We offer to Employers, Employees, and Individuals a broad-range of financially based products that help to make businesses profitable, by helping manage risk their business may face.

We are experienced in helping school systems, City/County governments, private and public firms and individual needs with their retirement planning needs.  By contacting or calling today to begin this Value-Added process that is specifically for You, Your Employees, or Love Ones for their years, ahead.

Focus of today

Researchers who follow industry indicators show this is an area where the prudent and concerned businesses are centering their focus.  You and love ones will greatly benefit, when you provide quality protection in timely manner your love ones depend upon.

Trends in marketplace today

The market trend today is moving more and more towards Employer assisting with the purchase of benefits through Voluntary Payroll participation.

Here are concerns and thoughts (owners) of business, today.  Industry-Indicators and professionals show this is the area where cost-conscience businesses focus their interest.

Is Planning Your Future Important?

Helping to Plan Your Future

Reasons to Plan                   Reasons NOT to Plan

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Without Obligation

I would like to discuss with professionals regarding information about the following insurance and financial products´┐Ż½and their uses, which I have checked below:

   Life Insurance

  • Cash Value Accumulation
  • College Funding
  • Estate Conservation
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Key Employee Insurance
  • Spouse, Children, or Grandchildren
  • Charitable Giving
  • Business Needs


  • Supplemental to Retirement Income
  • Funding for IRA/KEOGH/TSA

   Group Insurance

   Employee Benefits

   Service on Existing Insurance

   Dental Care

   Long Term Health Care

   Medical Saving Accounts (MSA)

   Health Saving Accounts (HSA)

   Eye Care and Other Medical Information

From The Desk of Thomas J. "TJ" Harrington

In operating a successfully Tax Practice for many years I want to share this opportunity with you. 

The future is coming.  Prepare for it! 

Thomas J. Harrington
 -- T.J.

Consultant, Benefits and Planning

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Akron, Ohio  44320-3610


Business: (330) 869-6898

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The Harrington Group, Inc. For Special Needs in Personal and Business Concerns


Retirement Planning for:

  • 401(K), 403(b), 457, etc.
  • KEY Persons, Voluntary Benefits
  • Individual Planning
  • Voluntary Payroll Options with Organizational Benefit Reviews...
  • Professional Needs Analysis...
  • Helping Plan to Your Future...
  • Tax Planning´┐Ż½

  Is Planning Your Future Important?